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#1 2022-01-19 18:34:24

Registered: 2022-01-18
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Vericut 8.2 and 9.2 crash at random times.

I have been experiencing random crashes of Vericut 8.2 for several months.  I recently upgraded to 9.2 and it seems to have helped but it has still happened. It seems that the crashes occur early on in a Vericut Session, usually when moving between setups. Once Vericut has been running for a while the issues seem to go away. It is almost like windows system memory management is not allowing enough resources to be available until Vericut has been running for a while. When it crashes it just disappears and if you look at the log file you seem to get various java errors. You usually have to reboot the computer to release the license as well.

Any ideas on a fix?


#2 2022-01-24 08:54:28

From: Crewe, England
Registered: 2007-02-20
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Re: Vericut 8.2 and 9.2 crash at random times.

Crashes are not easy to diagnose, can you speak to Tech Support and they can help you.



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