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#1 2016-08-17 22:14:15

From: washington
Registered: 2006-08-16
Posts: 10

Vericut rocks

Just ran into a problem with our control definition that I could not figure out. sent to support at Vericut and they had a solution in two hours. now that is service.
Not to mention the many times it has saved me from crashing our Machine tools.



#2 2016-08-18 22:58:17

Beta User
From: Planet Earth
Registered: 2007-06-10
Posts: 81

Re: Vericut rocks

I totally agree.

I've said it a number of times. Of all the software companies I have dealt with, CGTech stands out as one of, if not the, best. They're a pleasure to deal with, and as you experienced, they're prompt and efficient at dealing with support issues.

New Zealand Vericut Reseller


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