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#1 2015-11-13 16:31:48

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Tool Vibration Analysis

How much impossible is to Cgtech implement a "tool vibration analysis" in vericut?

I just ask because, I have many problems with that, and this is so difficult to solve, and almost every time we need to ask the tool supplier give us help.
This take much time, once you don't know which tool will vibrate, and you just find out at shop floor, with hands in machine...

I know, CAE softwares can answer me, but they are expensive and I just need a simple analysis, like "Hey, this tool could be a problem".

Igor Freitas
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#2 2015-11-13 17:28:28

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Re: Tool Vibration Analysis

Not trying to poke with your request but I find that hard to accomplish in VERICUT. Even CAE solvers can´t answer this specific issue properly because it also depends on the machine structure and its materials. Imagine how many parameters VERICUT would have to know for each component in order to determine this?

I don´t see that happening anytime soon... Machine tools are a different animal... CAE solvers can help to design their structure but to predict the behavior of the whole set is a different story. Things that are not relevant to verification, such as if the machine uses linear or hydrostatic guideways would have to be and make a huge difference. Even the servos tunning would matter...

The balancing and finding of the sweet spot of the harmonics involved in the process are much more related to noise analysis than force. And CAE solvers don´t have an ear... … ee-milling

If it was possible to be done only via software someone would be offering it around by now... it requires sensors and some hardware (mics, accelerometers, etc...)

But I can be wrong...

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Daniel Santos


#3 2016-02-19 15:31:23

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Re: Tool Vibration Analysis

Vibration is driven by many factors, material, cutter geometry,  the machine spindle rigidity, harmonic frequency etc.   There is no where near enough information in the various definitions of cutter, holder, machine, stock etc in Vericut.  Neither would the information on specific machine tools be available.   

The only good way I know to find it is with a Tap Testing system where you put the tool in the spindle, stick transducers on the cutter and tap the tool and do the analysis.   If the cutter is changed and flute orientation changes or stickout changes more than .02",  .5mm then it may not repeat.   

I have seen machine tool vendors use tap testing companies to test their machines for specific jobs or even to decide where to stiffen a machine.  It is a scientific art.


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