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#1 2015-06-25 15:19:57

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For system admins - Store vcprefs in a network folder


People in large companies knows that standardization / customization is a great way to take advantage of software benefits for multiple users.

Here in the VUE today we discussed that it would be a nice enhancement to be able to store preferences in a network folder, and to be able to set in vericut.bat for example the path for this preference file.

You may ask: The great thing about VERICUT is to allow the user to set his environment as he likes. That´s true. For some settings though, it is helpful to define standards, like custom paths in  vericut.bat, UI colors and settings, templates, favorites, libraries, etc. There are many things that are convenient to be based on a per user basis and some other more like a corporate setting.

So storing a prefs file in a network folder would eliminate the individual´s preferences? Not really. CGTEch could improve the prefs file to have sections per user, and when loading the file from the network, the settings of the user who is launching VERICUT would be taken into account.


<user id=Daniel Santos>
<user id=CGTech AE>

In the example above user specific prefs would be preserved and general settings would be read from the network. They are defined in the <users> node in the XML. For example: User´s recent files could be stored in the user portion of the XML.

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Daniel Santos


#2 2015-07-15 18:48:19

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Re: For system admins - Store vcprefs in a network folder

Agreed.   A few weeks ago we couldn't find where Vericut put the  cgtech_xxxxx.prefs file for a user.   It wasn't functioning from the default users home directory.   We finally found the one Vericut was using in the default Vericut start location on the local drive we had setup. 

In short we need to always know where the file is and be assured it will only be read/written to the set directory.


#3 2016-01-05 16:46:13

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Re: For system admins - Store vcprefs in a network folder


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