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#1 2015-02-20 14:13:26

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From: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Registered: 2005-01-17
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UGV license (NX) not availible on 1 client

To setup a simulation we start Vericut from within NX (9.0) with the default cgtech interface.
On most systems this runs without problems.
We have one computer (Win7-64bit) that can't take a UGV license when we start the Vericut menu from within NX.
Starting Vericut the ordinary way works fine.

So as soon as we hit the Vericut button in NX, its errors out.

First error: Failed to initialize Sentinel License Manager
Secend error: Failed to obtain a UGV license

Looking at the NX Log file, I see that the correct settings are set and loaded:
UGII_VENDOR_DIR =  C:\Program Files\cgtech\VERICUT 7.3.3\windows64\nx\NX9\english
UGII_VERICUT = C:\Program Files\cgtech\VERICUT 7.3.3\windows64\commands\vericut.bat
Validation passed for - C:\Program Files\cgtech\VERICUT 7.3.3\windows64\nx\NX9\english\startup\cgtverify.dll
Native license authentication passed for C:\Program Files\cgtech\VERICUT 7.3.3\windows64\nx\NX9\english\startup\cgtverify.dll
Loaded module c:\program files\cgtech\vericut 7.3.3\windows64\nx\nx9\english\startup\cgtverify.dll 4ff0000 15a000 0-0-0-0-0 version = 0
Successfully loaded dynamic module C:\Program Files\cgtech\VERICUT 7.3.3\windows64\nx\NX9\english\startup\cgtverify.dll
Successfully loaded menu file: C:\Program Files\cgtech\VERICUT 7.3.3\windows64\nx\NX9\english\application\

Does anyone have an idea what might be going on here?

Patrick Delisse
KMWE Aerospace
(Vericut V9.4.1, Siemens NX2206, Campost)


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