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#1 2009-09-18 18:17:36

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CAD Model Interfaces, files for VERICUT 7.0

VERICUT 7.0 requires updated files for the CAD Model Interfaces. Instructions and download links can be found here:

Click on the "Installing CAD Model Interfaces" link for instructions and links to the downloads.

The downloaded files are not installers, simply a zip of files to be dropped into your existing 7.0 installation.

Each of the CAD Model Interfaces requires a license to use it.

These links will eventually be updated to download an installer program instead of a zip of files.



#2 2011-07-15 21:03:43

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Re: CAD Model Interfaces, files for VERICUT 7.0

Hi Bill!

Just got our license updated to have ProeV and STEP Model Interface, and although I suceeded in installing ProeV, the same did not happen with STEP.

When I try to import a tool model using the new Tool Manager CAD Importer, I get the error shown below. (Another weird thing I think it may be related is that I'm running Vericut 32 and the message shows "The folder was not found,..."

I have in the same drive a Vericut 64 install though... different folder...


I downloaded the Model Interfaces Installer as shown in the documentation: (BTW: The info at ... ce_Modules it's not up-to-date as it is stated there that you download and extract the folders within the ZIP, but after opening the ZIP file I noticed an installer there and not folders to be extracted as mentioned)

I ran the installer for both 32/64 bits installs, and the folders Spatial, vs and other containing the relevant dlls were created. Not sure why Vericut keeps kicking my a$$...  :?



I'm launching Vericut from a shortcut on my desktop (It's installed on a network drive) and I did make sure that the CGTECH_PRODUCTS and other variables were properly set in my machine.


Am I missing something here?  :oops:

Thank you!

Daniel Santos


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