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#1 2009-09-01 16:59:05

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VERICUT and UNIX, 7.0 and beyond

You probably already know that the initial release of VERICUT 7.0 did not include the UNIX versions: HP PA-Risc/HP-UX, Sun Sparc/Solaris, IBM RS6000/AIX. However we did included the license servers for these platforms, for those of you serving licenses from a UNIX license server to Windows computers running VERICUT.

A point release of VERICUT 7.0 (probably 7.0.1) will include VERICUT for the UNIX platforms listed above. Our best guess for UNIX availability is October. We are currently in the process of porting and testing 7.0.x on UNIX.

It is very likely 7.0.x will be the last release of VERICUT on these platforms, mostly due to lack of users and the age, cost and slow speed of the hardware. We plan to continue to provide the license server on these UNIX platforms for VERICUT 7.1 and probably a release or two beyond. But is seems these hardware/operating system configurations are gradually fading away. More than 98% of our installed user base runs VERICUT on Windows computers.

We try to keep an eye on our industry's hardware and operating system trends, and follow-along as best as we can. As much as we'd like to direct hardware usage, it is pretty difficult for a specialty application like VERICUT to dictate how the general manufacturing industry buys and uses computer hardware.



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