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#1 2008-08-08 20:36:35

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Error[5]: Cannot talk to the license server on host

Error message:

"Error[5]: Cannot talk to the license server on host "hostname". Server not running?

This message may display a couple of different ways:

1) While running VERICUT,  or
2) When attempting to add licenses to the license server.

The error seems to indicate that the license client (either VERICUT or the program that's adding licenses) has temporarily lost communication with the license server. This could be caused because a dynamic IP address has changed or because something else on the network has changed.

In General:
Time seems to be a good solution, as the problem seems to be temporary, and may never happen again.

If the problem persists, try restarting the computer running VERICUT and the computer running the license server program. Yes, this is tech support standard answer #124, but does make some sense in this case.

For Cause #1:
If this error displays from VERICUT, and you are running VERICUT on the same computer where the license server program is running, changing how VERICUT finds the license server may help. Press the following Start menu button

CGTech VERICUT 6.2 > License Administration > Specify License Server Computer

In the notepad editor that opens, change the line:

set LSHOST=hostname
(where "hostname" is the name of your computer)


set LSHOST=localhost

then save the file and try running VERICUT again.

For Cause #2:
Try to determine why the add license program lost communication with the license server. There are many reasons why communication is lost, including but not limited to:

Did the license server shutdown?
Did someone make a change to the license server?
Did your network connection change?
Is your network connection working?
Did you try to restart the license server computer?
Did you try again a few minutes later?


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