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#1 2008-08-08 18:52:16

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Error adding all license features from cgtech.lf

Error message:

"Error adding all license features from cgtech.lf to the license server running on your computer name"

This message displays on Windows computers in a command prompt when attempting to add licenses to the license server and an error occurs.

Licenses are added to the license server using the following start menu buttons under CGTech VERICUT 6.2 > License Server Only >:

. Configure License & Setup Server
. Update Licenses on Running Server

This message can occur when the keys in the license file are not correct, have been corrupted via email forwading or file copying, or are intended for a license server running on a different computer.

If the license keys are for a different computer or were created for a different HostID, then you may see "Error [19]" displayed in the scrolling text in the command prompt window.

Make sure the Host ID (the number after Ethernet:) in the license email matches a Host ID on the computer you're attempting to add licenses to. View the computer's available Host ID's via:

CGTech VERICUT 6.2 > License Server Only > Display Host ID

If the ID's do not match, then request a new license (see below) or find the computer they do match on.

If the ID's match, then likely the license email content was somehow corrupted, most commonly by multiple email forwarding or some other copying mistake.

Try recreating the license file via:

CGTech VERICUT 6.2 > License Server Only > Save License File from License Email

Then try updating the license server again.

You can request a replacement license email from … k-request/


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