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#1 2008-05-19 22:32:12

VERICUT Specialist
From: Irvine, CA
Registered: 2004-10-08
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Problem: VERICUT 6.2 closes unexpectedly, XP64; try JRE 1.6

VERICUT 6.2 randomly closes on XP64. We are so far unable to duplicate and debug the problem because:

1) The crash seems to only happen on specific computers.
2) The crashes are completely random, but seem to occur most frequently when interacting with VERICUT (as opposed to simulating).
3) The crash occurs outside VERICUT and no trace of the problem is left.

VERICUT closes in the midst of interacting with the user interface. No message or information displays.

Replace the version 1.5 java run-time files distributed with VERICUT 6.2, with java run-time version 1.6.

1. Download (18mb) containing java run-time 1.6 for XP64 from the following link: … 6246353166

2. In your VERICUT 6.2 installation, rename the folder \cgtech62\windows64\jre to something else.

3. Extract the files from into \cgtech62\windows64. The extraction will automatically create the ...\jre folder and sub-folders.

You should be good to go.


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