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#1 2007-03-05 16:56:20

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VERICUT 6.1, Error [92] when trying to add or update license

When trying to add 6.1 license keys to the running license server from the license file, SentinelLM displays the error message for each license key:

Error[92]: Failed to add license code ...
... License code is invalid.

You will also notice the following error displayed in the Create VERICUT License File utility when creating the license file from the license email:

Warning: Missing comments after Company or Ethernet

A license file with invalid keys strings is created from a forwarded license email. Forwarding the license email to another email recipient automatically inserts a non-printing ASCII character before and after each license key line.

The problem is caused by a format issue in the 6.1 license email. 6.0 did not do this.

There are several ways around this problem. Apply any ONE of the following:

1. In notepad, edit then save the file ...\windows\license\cgtech.lf created by the "Create VERICUT License file" utility (which runs after pressing the VERICUT Start menu buttons "Save license file ..." or "Configure License ..." in the License Server Only menus). Remove the "blank" characters at the start and end of each license key. A license key begins with the "*" character. There are also blank lines after the #Company and #Ethernet lines at the beginning of the file that should be deleted.

2. Do not forward the license email. If you have to send the license email to someone, instead either:
a.) Attach the original license email to a new email. Then open the email attachment and copy/paste all the text into Create VERICUT License utility.
b.) Save the license email as a text file, then drag/drop the text file into the Create VERICUT License utility.

3. Copy an updated LicenseTool.exe from: … seTool.exe

And use it to replace ...\CGTech61\windows\license\LicenseTool.exe in your VERICUT 6.1 installation. This updated version of the utility removes the bad characters when creating the license file, hence works with forwarded license emails.

The updated license utility will be delivered with 6.1.1.


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