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#1 2004-12-02 15:00:40

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From: Boston
Registered: 2004-11-11
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Modifications needed in create tools from APT toolpath

         At this time, this option creates tool as soon as it encounters TLDATA/........ Can this be modified to create tools only when LOAD/TOOL is called?   The TLDATA would be there for each operation. If one tool is used in 5 operations, VERICUT creates 5 tools. It would be nice if vericut creates just one (as there is going to be one LOAD/TOOL). If the tool is called again some time later, it is going to have the same LOAD/TOOL number. That way vericut can avoid creating unnecessary tools. Also the tool ID should be same as the LOAD/TOOL number.

           I tried to use once when I had to create 90 tools. It did not work well for me because of the abovesaid reasons. I manually created the tools. I could not use this option. The tool ID was another frustration.


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