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#1 2007-10-18 18:03:26

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Xcaliper and Cut Model information

Updated Feb 2016  Over 8 years later this is still our #1 enhancement request for Vericut.   

Tie Vericut in and close the loop with QC and shop floor needs.   

A problem in manufacturing  is quickly identifying what to inspect and how to adjust a machine to compensate for dimension problems. 

Also many inspection operations could be simplified if the First/Last cut was known. 

Work instructions are needed to guide the creation of the part, but after the part is created an interactive model would be faster and better for choosing discrete data as needed on the shop floor.   

Use case 1:
Part is made,
Part is inspected.
2 areas on the part have too much material.
Operator opens the IP/Xcaliper model and selects the first surface.  The history report shows tool, rotation, Fixture offset, tool length offset and diameter comp in use during the cut.
Select the second surface, and the history report shows tool, rotation fixture offset and tool length offset used. 
The operator then adjusts the fixture comps or tool length comps as needed.

Use case 2.
Only tool 2 was updated in an NC Program
The inspector wants to see what tool 2 cut.
The IP/Xcaliper model is opened and tool 2 is selected from the list.  Everything tool 2 cut is highlighted.
IP/Xcaliper model is measured as needed to compare against the cut part. (Autodiff has already been run to validate the accuracy of the cut part.)

Use case 3.
An existing NC Program is run.  First article inspection was done before, now to verify setup and tool wear the first & last cuts of a few finish tools need to be inspected.
The IP/Xcaliper model is selected and the first tool is selected with a First/Last switch.  The first and last cuts are displayed in Red
This is repeated for all finish tools.
The inspector uses IP/Xcaliper as needed to measure and find values.

The key to these examples is the need drives the information shown and only the areas that have been selected.   

The feature history in Xcaliper is a wonderful tool.  There just needs to be a little more information to make it a great tool and have it support these use cases.

Some updates to make the IP model A Manufacturing information model.

1. Critical  We need to add labels that would show up in the information list when Xcaliper, History is used and a cut selected.  The current function that show tool and feed is great.  Additional data is needed and should be left up to the customer, coded into the .ctl file.    We can link it as we build the control definitions.  We need a HistoryLabel Macro that would work similar to the MessageMacro.  The data would be entered into each cut similar to the current tool and feed listings.  The labels would be MODAL.   Once defined they are added to successive cuts until changed.  If nulled out, they are not added.   We believe 8 History labels would be needed.  The Text part of the macro would be what is shown in Xcaliper History.   The OVERRIDE_VALUE would be to define the label, 1-8.  If the text value is null, "", it is not shown.

Examples of use within the .ctl file.
MACRO "HistoryLabel" {OVERRIDE_VALUE 1 TEXT_OVERRIDE_VALUE "Diam Comp {#$4107}") 
Data shown in the History display, "Diam Comp 11"

MACRO "HistoryLabel" {OVERRIDE_VALUE 3 TEXT_OVERRIDE_VALUE "Fixt Comp {#$4130}") 
Data shown in the History display, "Fixt Comp 54"

At a tool change, diacomp off etc. we could "clear" labels to assure current data only is reported. Example

2. HIGH Have Xcaliper work from a list of tools to show the cuts done by each tool.  When a tool is selected, all the related surfaces would highlighted.   

If the tool only roughed and other tools finished the surfaces a simple "no finish cuts" message could be displayed.

3. HIGH Xcaliper to report first/last cut.  Be able to pick from a list of tools used to make the part and have the first, last or all cuts highlight. 

4. Medium Xcaliper and Cut Model, shop availability.     
Currently we can save the IP file.   We could use the IP file in the shop and run Xcaliper.  The problem is age and UI complexity.  As revs change, even point revs in some cases, the IP file becomes unusable.  The off the shelf UI for Vericut is too complex.  Xcaliper and a single view Zoom/pan/rotate is what would be needed for shop usage.   

Reports have too much information and often can not show changes in the middle of the tools cuts.   We need a tool people can pull data from, not push many useless report pages on them. 

Recommended shop delivery solutions, listed in order of  chance of success in the shop.

A.  Great, Save the IP with the Xcaliper Viewer built in.  An IP.exe file or similar.   When opened a very simple interface to spin/zoom/rotate a workpiece view and run Xcaliper only.  Tied to a new "Viewer" license when created would be fine.  The key is the IP.exe would be self contained, not requiring any other software.   

B.  OK, A simplified "viewer" version of Vericut that will read the IP file.  Able to cross many previous revs.  How far?  At least 2 years. To handle the long run jobs in the shop.

C.  Low, Vericut with a simplified UI.

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#2 2007-10-18 22:15:51

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Re: Xcaliper and Cut Model information


your case #3 can already be done.

cut the part or open an IP file
Analysis > Inspection > Analysis...
- in opens the Inspection Feature Identifier
Select the desired tool from the list
-> the first and last features cut by the selected tool will show in RED
-> they are labeled 1 and 2
If the feature is not the one you want to measure, you can step forward or back one block at a time.

This can be used in conjonction with X-Caliper or you can us it to create an inspection report with all the feature to inspect, the dimension, tolerance and inspection tool to use.


#3 2007-10-25 20:36:05

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From: Dallas, TX
Registered: 2004-11-11
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Re: Xcaliper and Cut Model information

SergeV wrote:


your case #3 can already be done.

Yes, the code is there it just has to be adapted to be called from a UI as outlined  smile   

We don't want to make or store inspection sheets etc.  Breaking away from PRINT or PAPER based technology is a key.   Let the user pull the data, from the model, as needed, when needed with a simple, task focused interface.


#4 2016-02-19 16:33:25

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From: Dallas, TX
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Re: Xcaliper and Cut Model information

Updated and bumped to the top for further consideration.


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