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#1 2007-05-16 18:07:58

VERICUT Specialist
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Mastercam X2 interface requires run-time library install

Installation of Windows system run-time libraries are required in order to use CGTech's Mastercam-to-VERICUT interface with Mastercam X2. An administrative user must do the installation.

The version of Microsoft's development tools (required by Mastercam X2) requires the installation of updated Microsoft run-time libraries. The run-time library installer is included on the VERICUT 6.1.1 CD and in the downloadable zip file of the VERICUT installation, in the Mastercam X2 folder. The installer file name is vcredist_x86.exe. Double-click on the file to run the installer.

This is required to run Mastercam-to-VERICUT interface for X2.

The run-time library is also available at: … mcamx2.exe


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