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#1 2006-09-05 20:13:25

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UNIX license servers and VERICUT 6.0.2

The following information is obsolete and does not apply to VERICUT 6.1 and later.

ATTENTION: Customers using SGI/IRIX, Sun/Solaris, or IBM/RS6000/AIX for your VERICUT 6.0.2 license server.

The following information is an update to previous information posted regarding running VERICUT 6.0’s license server on UNIX systems (SGI/IRIX, Sun Sparc/Solaris, HP PA-Risc/HPUX, and IBM RS6000/AIX), and applies to 6.0.2.

License Server Version
VERICUT 6.0.2 installs Sentinel LM version 8.0 license server on the following platforms:

Windows (both standard and XP64)

In 6.0 and 6.0.1, VERICUT installed version 7.2 for older versions of Solaris (8, 9) and AIX (5.0 and older). IRIX uses SentinelLM server version 7.2 only, since this is the final version available on IRIX.

License Compatibility, UNIX license server/Windows clients
Currently only Windows and HPUX license servers can provide licenses to Windows clients. In addition, Solaris and AIX redundant servers can provide licenses to Windows clients.

If you are serving licenses to VERICUT on Windows computers from Solaris, AIX, or IRIX, upgrading to VERICUT 6.0 requires you move the license server to Windows (both standard and XP64) or HP-UX

VERICUT 6.0 runs on IRIX (6.5), Solaris (8, 9, or 10) or AIX (4.3.3 or later) clients, but a license server on these platforms cannot provide licenses to VERICUT 6.0 on Windows.

Please go to and submit a License Transfer Request in order to move your license server from Solaris, AIX or IRIX to Windows or HPUX. Note on the form this is for VERICUT 6.0.
Technical Note for Solaris 8 and 9
In order to run Sentinel LM 8.0 server and utilities on Solaris 8 and 9 systems you must create a symbolic link, /usr/lib/ -> The following commands must be done logged-in as root. Do not attempt this is if you are not familiar with UNIX system management and do not know what a symbolic link is.
cd /usr/lib
ln –s


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