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#1 2020-05-06 22:17:41

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Hello everyone.
I've got a tooling issue I'm trying to figure out that I hope someone can help me with.

What I'm trying to do would be easy IF numeric variables or variable arrays could be used in Vericut dialog fields, but this is not an option.

We have some drill tools used by a group of machines where the shanks lock into their holders at one location. As the drills are re-sharpened on the tip they become physically shorter, so the tool length offset gets shorter. After the tools have been re-sharpened to a designated minimum length they are no longer used in that group of machines. I'm trying to account for this variance in tool length (which can range up to an inch) within simulation.

I've modified the machine's post processor to calculate the required tool length when one of these tools is used to drill a feature and the depth or retract falls within the tool's length offset variance range (where either a -Z or +Z overtravel could occur). I want to use the tool length offset calculated in the post in Vericut.

The post can pass a note that contains the calculated offset into the program that Vericut can then read, but I cannot figure out a way to modify/override the tool offset in Vericut. Does anyone have any ideas?



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