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#1 2020-04-02 19:28:30

Registered: 2014-04-23
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Tool Scan in V9.0.1 and lack of function in Tool Report Generation

Tech support has been pushing me to scan tool lists by tool code for a few years now.  It makes no sense to me that “Tool Code Per File” does not work as it should.

Please allow me to explain.

I cut dies which use anywhere from 1-20 files.  Usually it’s about 3.  A gutter program, a rouging program and a finishing program.  Each of these programs can have multiple tools.

Let say I rough out the impression with a ½” ball.  That same ball is used to finish surface mill in another program.  If I use "per tool code", there is no way to specify different parameters to how the tool is used in roughing to how it is used in finishing.

I also do not see that the tools get organized in how they get ran in the part chronologically.  The event ID is shown smallest pot to largest pot #.  The part I'm working on today runs in this order:

T13, T16, T7, T19, T3, T5, T3

Scan by tool code yields:

T3, T5, T7, T13, T16, T19

I can change this to make it work, but it disrupts just about every program that has ever made with Vericut here.

I can only say that this is how I’ve learned to use Vericut and am typically happy to "stay with the times" and get the updates when compared to the other users here.  I will have a very difficult time selling the use of V9.0.1 if the Tool Code Per File function does not get fixed.

There is still no way for the Generated Tool Reports to add the Tool Pot Location to the report.  Why?  Wouldn't that be a fairly significant piece of information?  Huge improvement if this gets added to the report.  I might be able to quit making excel spreadsheet setup sheets if it were to get added.


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