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#1 2019-03-22 15:51:51

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C axis rewind in travel limits

Hello guys,
i have portal machine with AC head kinematic.
I have pro blem with C Axis rotary limit.
Limit for C i +270° to -270°

And I have case where C=-270°  and i need to rewind head to C=+90.......this is the same position but VC only recaltulate this angle without move.
But real machine moves C-270->C0->+90

NC program block:

951 L  X+30.1673 Y-365 C-270
952 ;prepolohovanie v limite start
953 L  X+36.2375 Z+8.234
954 L  X+70.6351 Z+82 FMAX
955 L  A+0 FMAX
956 L  C+90 FMAX
957 L  A+25 FMAX

I tried all settins with EIA 360 etc.

Thanks a lot


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