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#1 2018-09-10 10:26:51

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From: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Registered: 2005-01-17
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HUD control and toolpath locking

HUD control currently has one big downside. When the NC program is displayed in a view, the toolpath gets locked, meaning that the NC program cannot be re-output as the file is locked by the Vericut process.
This behavior was always present when you had a tab open with the NC displayed, but that was easily by-passed by closing the tab, re-output NC and reopen tab.
With the HUD control this is harder to solve.

Request: Do not lock the toolpath file when it is displayed in a tab or in HUD

The HUD now uses the Courier font and this cannot be changed by the user.
Nowadays there are better/clearer mono-spacing fonts available.

Request: Let the user choose the font for HUD

Patrick Delisse
KMWE Aerospace
(Vericut V9.2.1, Siemens NX1980, Campost)


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