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#1 2018-05-17 16:12:13

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Vericut 8.1.5 and Access TDM updates

Vericut 8.1.x has improvements for Access TDM.  I would suggest 8.1.5 for Access TDM if you want the improvements.

1.  You can now pick to load 1-all of the tool assemblies in a Tool list.   
2.  As of 8.1.5, there is an "INSERT" column added.    When selected, cutter profiles are not used, but the actual step/ply file of the cutter is referenced.   Taps and probes still are defined parametrically.
If an assembly .tls file exists in the ICVCT directory, just as in the past, it will still over-ride the definition and the .tls definition will be used, even with "INSERT" checked.   

The Insert option works similar to importing the TDM Vericut Step file via CAD Tool Import.  Cutters are defined as "Inserts".   
Many tools can benefit from this option in our opinion.   TDM users must have created the Vericut Step file. (iMVCT interface) 
The update was in 8.1.4, but I don't recommend that version. 

Another step out of the 2D world and into the 3D model based world.


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