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#1 2017-10-13 13:24:41

From: East Hartford, CT
Registered: 2006-11-03
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Amchem/Winbro EDM Machine Control File (.ctl) needed

I'm developing machine simulations for EDM machines.  The first two are Amchem HSD6-II & Amchem HSD6-III models.  Amchem was bought out by Winbro, so that's the current company name.
I've created/modified .ctl files for several machines.  Aspects that make this one more complicated:
1. They use their own CNC controls, that use fairly involved syntax: e.g. CASE statements (not identical to Siemens)
2. They use numerous C-like subroutines (e.g. strcat).
3. They use multiple input files, with different file formats
So I'm looking for anything that might reduce the control development time: Sample .ctl file, thoughts on how to handle above items.  Tech Support gave some valuable initial pointers, e.g. Custom Macro Extension (CME).

Bob Erickson
Strategic Manufacturing Processes
Pratt & Whitney
East Hartford, CT


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