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#1 2014-02-04 18:00:08

Senior Member
From: U.S.
Registered: 2005-03-31
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Enable/Disable Macros in the control

Hi folks,

Sometimes we only want to test a possibility, but to do so we have to remove definitions that would conflict with out tests/validations.

Today the only way to remove a definition from the control is erasing it. You have to make a backup of your control an then make the mess.

I'd like to see a disable/enable function in the Word Format area / Words & Addresses so we can temporarily disable an active setting if we want.

Let's suppose I have a word defined in Word Format that is set to type "Numeric", but for my tests I need the same Word but defined as "Alphanumeric"

Then I'd tick this checkbox and say, this word is disabled, so only the active one is considered by VERICUT. One could have the same word defined in different ways but only one can be active in a given  moment.

The same is true for macros defined in the control, as shown in the pic below.


Daniel Santos


#2 2014-02-11 08:34:44

VERICUT Specialist
From: Le Mans, France
Registered: 2004-10-14
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Re: Enable/Disable Macros in the control

Hi Daniel,

Here is a work around you can already use. You can copy/paste the word/address pair and work on the top one, modify it, remove/replace macros, when satisfied with your tests remove the original pair or remove the pair you were working on and keep the original one:

[attachment=0:2vtg70ko]<!-- ia0 -->Copy_M6.jpg<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment:2vtg70ko]



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