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#1 2014-01-04 00:25:35

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VERICUT 7.3 license denial causes hang, loss of licenses

A user’s VERICUT session appears to hang or quit working a few minutes after receiving a license denial for an add-on module. The problem only occurs when the user’s actions cause VERICUT to request a license for an add-on module and all licenses for that module are currently in use. Once VERICUT stops working, the user’s only recourse is to wait until VERICUT responds and then exit the session or, stop the VERICUT application via Windows Task Manager. It may take a few minutes for VERICUT to respond and allow the user to exit. Any changes not saved prior to the error will be lost. This problem only affects the currently running VERICUT session that received the license denial. Other active VERICUT sessions are not affected.

A problem in VERICUT’s Sentinel RMS license management software causes all subsequent license requests to fail once the add-on module license denial occurs. VERICUT periodically refreshes licenses with the license server. The license denial causes the next license refresh to fail. When the license refresh fails the user’s only choice is to exit VERICUT and restart. This problem is compounded by an additional problem that causes the refresh failure to take 2 or 3 minutes (or more) to return, giving the appearance VERICUT is hung. It is not hung, but it is on its way to losing all licenses due to the license denial/refresh problem.

It is important to note this is only a problem for customers with fewer modules than base Verification licenses. A customer with the same number of add-on modules as base Verification licenses will not encounter this problem.

CGTech is in contact with our license manager software provider (SafeNet) and working on a resolution. This post will be updated once the problem is solved. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.


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