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#1 2012-08-27 17:54:10

Adriaan S.
Registered: 2012-08-27
Posts: 1

License server problems with Windows 7

I installed VERICUT 7.1.6 on Windows 7 as a single server/client machine. With the first installation I did not change the "localhost" to my Machine Name, as instructed just above the field in the installation wizard. After loading the license successfully from the email and rebooting,  VERICUT would not start. The message was "License server found, but CGTech License information not present..."

I re-installed VERICUT, this time changing the "localhost" to my machine name. Again loaded the license successfully and rebooted. VERICUT still does not start up and the message now is:"Unable to get a VERICUT License. The license server may not be running..."

Please help!!!!!!!!!

I thought it might be Windows 7 security settings. With CATIA V5 there are two .dll files that you need to "run as administrator" before LUM will be allowed to start automatycally. Is there something similar for VERICUT?


#2 2012-09-03 16:16:45

VERICUT Specialist
From: Le Mans, France
Registered: 2004-10-14
Posts: 130

Re: License server problems with Windows 7

Try torun the shortcut from windows Start program > CGTech VERICUT > License Server Only > Display Host ID. Then compare the host ID with the one in your license file



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