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#1 2011-02-01 21:59:25

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JAVA Errors opening VERICUT 7.1.1

The default VERICUT project delivered with 7.1.1 uses Accelerated (OpenGL) display in the machine view. This setting causes VERICUT's simulation to run faster and allows a faster rotation and zoom of the machine view.

The display acceleration is done by the graphics card. Most graphic cards support OpenGL, but occasionally an old or outdated driver or specific graphics card configuration settings can cause bad behaviour or even cause VERICUT to crash.

Problem: VERICUT exits ungracefully with JAVA Error

Possible cause: Graphic card's settings or driver version does not properly support OpenGL acceleration. VERICUT 7.1.1's default project file uses an Accelerated (OpenGL) machine view, which then causes VERICUT to behave poorly or crash.

Solution: Update to the latest graphic card driver available from the manufacturer. If it still fails, then:
Solution:Copy the new version of 'vericut.vcproject' and 'vericutm.vcproject' from the link below to the "library" folder of your VERICUT 7.1.1 installation, replacing the existing files.


#2 2011-02-02 20:27:57

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Re: JAVA Errors opening VERICUT 7.1.1

If you prefer to have a vericut.vcproject that does not take advantage of OpenGL, please select the following link to download a version that has OpenGL turned off.

Simply replace your installed vericut(m).vcproject with the contents of the ZIP file.


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