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#1 2010-05-05 17:32:47

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From: Valencia, CA
Registered: 2005-08-20
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V703 New collisions, in the workpiece view with near misses

Hi Friends,

I really like the new features in version 7.0.3

Especially, the new collisions, in the workpiece window, with near misses. We can now check near miss from holder to the cut stock.

I have done some testing, and I do have an issue that I reported to CGTech, and want to see what other think about this issue.

The bottom line is, I think they need to either add another detect, for the shank, or assume the shank is the cutter. That way, you can have a near miss of 0 on shank to cut stock,  and use a near miss of .03, .100, etc  on the holder. I can not imagine why you would want a near miss, shank to cut stock, but, if it was separate from holder, those that need that would have it.

The  problem I see is, a majority of work is "High speed machining" (HSM), a tool with flutes, and a solid shank, making multiple axial passes is the norm.

The major error checking I (and many others) want, is near miss holder to the cut stock.
This it new and wonderful..:)       ..  but the only way to get that with the Vericut we have today, is to define cutters with no shanks.

Otherwise, checking the holders, will give a false alarm, of near miss, on shank, on all HSM passes.

I am fine with turning it on and off, as long as shanks are separated with a 4th check box

Again, I reported this, so I am only looking for feedback, as I see this as a high priority. Also, a warning to you friends are not surprised.

Now the enhancements for 7 are great, and I say kudos to the CGtech development staff. I say jump in and start getting familiar with it. Go to a VUE, cause this year, it is all about the Vericut we have TODAY.

Take care

Dave Frank
Aerospace Dynamics International, PCC
Valencia Ca
"Where else can you have this much fun,.......and get paid???."


#2 2011-04-08 11:34:38

VERICUT Specialist
From: UK
Registered: 2006-07-04
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Re: V703 New collisions, in the workpiece view with near misses

Hi daveF,

Sorry it's taken so long to reply.
We have had a customer in the UK requesting the abilty to turn on/off the shanking errors.
So have raised a Software Enhancement request SCR #7041.

Watch this space for an update.


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