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#1 2009-12-23 12:35:03

From: Chicopee, MA
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Using old computer for server

Hey all.

As anyone who has read any of my recent posts knows, I have a new computer on which I was running a 30 day trial of v7.0. From what I understand from the powers that be, it sounds as though we will be upgrading to the latest version, though it might take a little time. Problem is, my trial license expired on 12-18-09, taking with it my ability to run Vericut. Since I got the new computer and the trial at the same time, that license was set up for my current comp, as opposed to the old one, and my infinitly brilliant self didn't realize that the server for my license was actually in the computer, not an outside server. Being as i don't know too much about computers, that never even occured to me. And as luck would have it, those in charge decided to cancel our mainenance plan in 2007, so I wasn't even able to get my original license transferred to the new computer. Fortunately, there seems to be a glimmer of hope...I heard that it would be possible to use my old computer as the license server for my new one, provided that they are both on the same network.

Does anyone have any idea how I would go about setting this up? (and please, use small words, as I am technologically retarded  yikes )

Thanks in Advance!

Hoppe Tool


#2 2009-12-23 13:45:50

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From: Nussbach, AUSTRIA
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Re: Using old computer for server

Use Start => Programs => CGTech VERICUT ... => License Administration => Specify License Server Computer to change the license server.

You can use SentinelLM License Administrator (WlmAdmin) to check, if your old machine is listed as a Subnet Server, which will make sure you do not have a nodelocked license.

Stefan Pendl

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