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#1 2009-06-19 07:11:54

Senior Member
From: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Registered: 2005-01-17
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Multiple selection of STL models

On the last VUE NL there was a very interesting presentation on the effects of bounding boxes and the effect they have on simulation speed.

For the machine models it is quit simple to split op large components into small sections to get the bounding box closer to the component.
For part specific fixtures this can become quit time consuming. We used to export the complete fixture model as one stl file.
Therefore the bounding box was the complete cubic envelope of the fixture.
When splitting up a fixture into multiple stl files, all stl files must be added in Vericut under the fixture branch and each stl must be positioned/oriented as desired. See pictures below.
We just changed this in a extremly slow simulation with a huge complex fixture and angled head cutters. This fixture was broken into 87 stl files.
The simulation speed has improved more than 600% !!!!

Here's is my future release suggestion:
Make it possible to multiple select stl files and add them with one click.
Make it possible to multiple select models in the project tree and change position/orientation for all at once.

Patrick Delisse



Patrick Delisse
KMWE Aerospace
(Vericut V9.2.1, Siemens NX1980, Campost)


#2 2009-06-22 12:55:59

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From: Trollhättan, Sweden
Registered: 2005-02-23
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Re: Multiple selection of STL models

I agree on that one! I have also separated some fixtures into smaller parts with improved simulation speed as a result. But unfortunately I needed to spend some more time to set everything into place.

Large circular parts, still causing big "least possible square" around it.

Svante Eriksson
System owner
GKN Aerospace Engine Systems Sweden
Vericut 7.2.1, 7.3.4, 7.4 - NX 9.0.3


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