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#1 2008-09-11 17:15:47

VERICUT Specialist
Registered: 2004-10-08
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Incorrect GibbsV files distributed with VERICUT6.2.1(64bit)

Incorrect Gibbscam-to-VERICUT (GibbsV) interface files were distributed with VERICUT 6.2.1 (64-bit.)


Use this link GibbsV.ZIP to download the correct Gibbscam interface files.
Unzip the downloaded GibbsV.ZIP file into a temporary folder.  Then:

  1. Copy GibbsV.dll file to the GibbsCAM ...\plugins folder.

  2. Copy all Gibbsv*.local to C:\cgtech621\windows64\Gibbsv folder.


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