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#1 2008-08-18 07:54:36

From: Czech Republic
Registered: 2005-03-17
Posts: 19

Hw requirements = Hw optimal speed?

I selecting new workstation for Cad/Cam.
Priority is - Vericut(5-axis),Solidcam(5-axis with many detections of collision)

An important factor is the maintenance of mobility and Dell workstation.

It is now available in our department Dell Precision M65(Cpu T2700,GPU FX350)

How stations choose for "optimal" performance?

The Department of IT, we are advised Dell M4300 but in my view, will increase the performance of inadequate.
At present, verified the reliability blades to the length of 300 mm, but since October we are awaiting new blades in length 1440 mm.

Configuration of M4300 is:

CPU T8300
GPU Nvidia Quadro FX360
RAM 4 Gb

Manufacturing of Turbine blades


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