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#1 2008-08-08 18:01:31

VERICUT Specialist
From: Irvine, CA
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Error: license file cgtech.lf does not exist.

Error message:

"license file cgtech.lf does not exist"

This message displays on Windows computers in a command prompt when attempting to add licenses to the license server from the license file, and the license file is not found in the license folder.

Licenses are added to the license server using the following start menu buttons under CGTech VERICUT 6.2 > License Server Only >:

. Configure License & Setup Server
. Update Licenses on Running Server

The license file should be in \cgtech62\windows\license or \cgtech62\windows64\license, and called cgtech.lf.

Try creating the license file using VERICUT's start menu button:

CGTech VERICUT 6.2 > License Server Only > Save License File from License Email

Be sure to have your license email handy. You can request a license email from … k-request/


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